The following represents a sample of our state-of-the-art testing equipment:

Klingelnberg-Hofler CNC
(Computer Numeric Controlled)

Checks all gear tooth dimensions to ensure teeth are made correctly

Starrett CMM
(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

For checking lengths, locations, concentricity of diameters, flatness and more...

Starrett CNC Optical Comparator

For visual checks of forms, radius, lengths, heights and more...

Mitutoyo HR-500 Rockwell Hardness

Measures Rockwell hardness of various metals and other materials in thirty different hardness scales

Air Compressor Test Bench

Tests the compressor unloader functionality and checks for proper air pressure buildup, oil and coolant pressures, and system leakage.

E6 Valve Tester

Checks the supply pressure for leaks and to ensure the valve releases at the proper pressure.